Company at a glance

Terry Abstract Company is an independent, locally owned and operated company that has been serving in the title industry for over 100 years in Northeast Arkansas and surrounding areas.  We have put together a knowledgeable staff and are capable of handling all of your title and closing needs. Our services are professional, efficient, and tailored to YOUR needs.

Terry Abstract Company was formed in 1911 by the Terry family and has remained in the family since. In 2008, we acquired a second title plant in the south end of Mississippi County, Arkansas. We are an agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and Stewart Title Guaranty Company. We are licensed in not only our home state of Arkansas but also in Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Our experienced team is able to close real estate transactions promptly, professionally and accurately. Terry Abstract Company closes residential and commercial real estate transactions and loan refinancing as well. Terry Abstract Company provides title examination and escrow closing services for all real estate transactions, including 1031 tax exchanges, and issues mortgagee’s and owner’s title insurance policies. Whether you’re looking for someone to assist you in the completion of a simple cash deal, or a largely complicated  commercial transaction, Terry Abstract Company can help.

What we offer

A team of experienced professionals

Our goal is to make that the final step in buying or selling real estate is as quick and painless as possible, yet informative. We are mindful that we have a responsibility not only to our clients but also to those who refer business to us to insure that our clients receive the highest quality service.

Peace of mind 

Title Insurance protects the most important investment you’ll ever make – the investment in your home. With a title insurance policy you have an indemnity contract that will reimburse you for loss in the event someone asserts a claim against your property that is covered by the policy.

 A choice

Federal law provides that whoever is paying for the title insurance shall have the right to select the title company. Two of the primary factors that you should consider when making your selection are service and price. Terry Abstract Company offers highly professional service for a fair and equitable price with a quick turn around time, we believe you will be glad you selected us for your title company.